America,Meet Gizmo, The Canine Candidate!


The real-life therapy dog, Gizmo, inspired the Surf's Up, Gizmo! Children's book series written by Suzanne Kline, a former vice-president GMAC mortgage. In 2004, the author suffered a tramatic brain injury following an automobile accident. The experience forever changed the direction of her life, requiring years of intensive therapy to learn to read again.

During speech therapy, Kline was introduced to the Pet Partner’s Pet Therapy Program. She witnessed the healing power from the dogs who shared unconditional, healing love with the hospital patients. It seemed like destiny when Cosmo, a young Norfolk Terrier, pranced into Suzanne's life.

Suzanne and school

Cementing a passion for helping kids cope with their traumas, Kline was inspired to volunteer with Cosmo, serving for over nine years with Pet Partners, assisting countless children in hospitals. She gained valuable insights while volunteering and later began sharing her life lessons, along with mindfulness tips, through the fictional adventures of her real-life therapy dog.

In 2014, Gizmo became Suzanne's next therapy dog companion. By the time Gizmo was ten weeks old, he had already started his life as a therapy pup in training. He was a natural, as early visits to Langley Air Force Base and Poquoson Elementary School soon demonstrated.

Today, Gizmo is a fun-loving canine who enjoys fetching balls and surfing the waves! But more than just a cute pup featured in engaging and fun-filled adventure stories, Gizmo's mission is to help children ride challenging and unexpected waves of life.

Campaign map

Watch for Gizmo during his canine presidential campaign tour across America beginning February 17, 2020. You may spot Gizmo wearing his pup tux, featured on major media, appearing in schools, and on the campaign trail in his cartoon character-wrapped Jeep!

Fun Gizmo Facts!

1. Gizmo’s birthday is December 26, 2014 – Gizmo was smart to be born the day after Christmas, he gets more gifts that way!
2. Gizmo is a Norfolk Terrier, he’s small, intelligent, social, and extremely loyal to his family, and friends.
3. A real terrier to the core, Gizmo can work solo with an independent-minded determination, although he is always up to a fun, challenging adventure day with his pals.
4. Gizmo, actually surfs on a custom surfboard. He even has a new one for the presidential campaign!
5. Gizmo's favorite beach to surf is in Jupiter, FL, (aka Tide Rider Beach in his books). He is a true champion for taking care of the beaches and protecting the ocean!